samedi 2 juillet 2011

Premiere of VILLA CAPTIVE starring Liza Del Sierra

Teaser for the French premiere of the rape & revenge "Villa Captive", a thriller about the troubles of a former French porn star living in Miami. Written and directed by Emmanuel Silvestre (a.k.a. Jack Tyler) and starring Emilie Delaunay (a.k.a. Liza Del Sierra). Music by John Silvestre (a.k.a. Jeff Monheim).

The whole video of the premiere (12 minutes) will be available on Twitch - - very soon. Filmed on June 18th, 2011 in Paris during the 'Panic! Cinema' night at Le Nouveau Latina. Shot & cut by Fred Ambroisine. Subtitle editing: Sylvia Rorem.

Emillie Delaunay (a.k.a. Liza Del Sierra) on the set of Emmanuel Silvestre's "Villa Captive"

Emillie Delaunay in Emmanuel Silvestre's "Villa Captive" (2011)

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