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Premiere of VILLA CAPTIVE starring Liza Del Sierra

Teaser for the French premiere of the rape & revenge "Villa Captive", a thriller about the troubles of a former French porn star living in Miami. Written and directed by Emmanuel Silvestre (a.k.a. Jack Tyler) and starring Emilie Delaunay (a.k.a. Liza Del Sierra). Music by John Silvestre (a.k.a. Jeff Monheim).

The whole video of the premiere (12 minutes) will be available on Twitch - - very soon. Filmed on June 18th, 2011 in Paris during the 'Panic! Cinema' night at Le Nouveau Latina. Shot & cut by Fred Ambroisine. Subtitle editing: Sylvia Rorem.

Emillie Delaunay (a.k.a. Liza Del Sierra) on the set of Emmanuel Silvestre's "Villa Captive"

Emillie Delaunay in Emmanuel Silvestre's "Villa Captive" (2011)

Marrie Lee to receive the Action Queens Honorary Award during Paris Cinema International Film Festival

Press release - Paris, July 1st, 2011:  Legendary Singapore actress, Marrie Lee (real name Doris Young) to receive the Action Queens Honorary Award during Paris Cinema International Film Festival

Paris Cinema International Film Festival (July 2 to 13,2011) will host two screenings of the film THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG (Singapore-Philippines, 1978, directed by Bobby Suarez) on July 2nd and 5th in the presence of its lead actress, Marrie Lee (real name Doris Young) of Singapore.

Aude Hesbert (Ms), festival director says “it’s an honour to welcome Marrie Lee in Paris for two screenings of THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG, one of the most legendary, cult and iconic character of the late 70s Asian cinema”

This film is said to have been a major source of inspiration for the KILL BILL series of American director Quentin Tarantino.

Jeremy Segay (Mr), program curator of the festival adds: “THEY CALL HER
is a landmark for Singapore cinema and remains today the most internationally successful film ever produced in the state-island”

THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG was commercially released beyond Asia through the late 70s and early 80s in territories such as USA, UK, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Middle East.

Before the screening of July 2nd, Marrie Lee (real name Doris Young) will receive the first Action Queens Honorary Award. The award, designed by English artist Andy Bolus, will be presented by Frederic Ambroisine, chief-editor of the web magazine Action Queens.

Frederic Ambroisine (Mr) says “I still remember when I rented and watched the French VHS of the kick-ass THEY CALL HER CLEOPATRA WONG for the first time back in the days. And I can’t believe that I’ll finally have the chance to see it on big screen and, above all, meet the legendary Marrie Lee in person. A fan’s dream will come true.”

In addition, Marrie Lee (real name Doris Young) is expected to make a major
and exclusive announcement to the media during her 8 days stay in Paris, about her plans to revive the character of Cleopatra Wong and turn it into a full-fledged media franchise branching into film, TV and gaming.

Indeed, Doris Young has acquired in mid-2010 the international rights to Cleopatra Wong via her newly incorporated company, Cleopatra Wong International.

She will unveil in Paris the new Cleopatra Wong logo.

Other guests of the Paris Cinema International Film Festival include Isabella
(actress), Naomi Tani (actress), Gael Garcia Bernal (actor and producer), Jerry Skolimowski (director), and Pete Tombs (producer and author of the book Mondo Macabro, Weird & Wonderful Cinema Around the World) among others.

The 9th edition of Paris Cinema International Film Festival will take place from July 2 to 13, 2011. Chaired by Charlotte Rampling and supported by the Paris City Hall, the festival is targeted as an annual democratic and off-beat event. It aims at discovering filmmakers through an international competition and enjoying cinema with a lot of French premieres and retrospectives, at the beginning of each summer in many locations all over the City. It also provides an industry-friendly launch pad for new projects and directors with its well-established coproduction platform:
Paris Project.
Press contact: Dimitri Larcher 

Action Queens is an English language web magazine founded by Frederic
Ambroisine, a French film critic and documentary filmmaker who directed over 130 short documentaries related to Asian cinema since 2004. Action Queens features exclusive interviews of worldwide female personalities from independent cinema to Hollywood blockbusters.
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(extract from Wikipedia page) They Call Her... Cleopatra Wong (also known as Cleopatra Wong and Female Big Boss) is a 1978 film, starring Marrie Lee, Franco Guerrero, Dante Varonna and George Estregan. The film, riding on the success of Hong Kong martial arts films of the era as well as the James Bond and superspy craze, details the adventures of a female Interpol agent. The movie is directed by Bobby A. Suarez and is written by Romeo N. Galang as well as himself. The film is reportedly listed by cult director Quentin Tarantino as the film that inspired him for his "Kill Bill" series.

Tagline: "She purrs like a kitten and makes love like a siren. This side of the pacific, she is the meanest, deadliest and sexiest secret agent"
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