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Neytiri, the female lead of James Cameron’s new and most anticipated sci-fi 3D/live action movie “Avatar”, is not human, but she sure has heart. Neytiri is a Na’vi, an extraterrestial humanoid race with blue skin, four fingers, a long tail, and stands approximately 3 meters high. Neytiri lives on a planet named Pandora. The Na’vi are usually peaceful and live in perfect harmony with other life on their planet but they can become quite agressive when it comes to protect their land, especially from humans.

On August 21st, 2009, 15 minutes of the 3-hour “Avatar” was screened free in selected theaters worldwide (102 screens in the U.S. and 342 international screens in 58 countries). During “Avatar Day”, the audience discovered excerpts from seven scenes. One scene features beautiful, athletic and courageous Neytiri skilfully killing mad forest beasts in order to save Jake Sully, a human in a Na’vi’s body sent to Pandora for an Army mission. Jake, a former Marine paralyzed in combat, is given a chance through the Avatar program to walk again and discover an incredible new world.

On September 7th, 2009, 10 more minutes of footage were shown during a special press screening in Paris. Most of the additional footage was extended versions of “Avatar Day” scenes with more dialogue and explanation about the story and characters. Between scenes, producer Jon Landau, who came to Paris for this special press event, divulged more details about the story and character background (for example, Jake had a twin brother who died, and because he has the same DNA, he can replace him in the Avatar program).

In “Avatar”, Neytiri and Jake are respectively played by Zoe Saldana, who recently starred in the “Star Trek” remake by J.J. Abrams, and Sam Worthington, who played a half human-half robot character in “Terminator: Salvation”.

At the end of the press meeting, had the opportunity to ask Jon Landau about the choice of actors, Zoe and Sam, for “Avatar”. This is what he answered:

Finding somebody to play Jake was not an easy task. What was important for us was to find someone who could have a wide range and create the vulnerability of Jake at the beginning of the movie, and the leadership at the end of the movie when he leads people into battle and he rallies them with his speech. Sam Worthington possessed the acting ability to do those things.

And for Zoe to play Neytiri, we wanted somebody who embodied the whole character. It was not just about a voice, it was not just about a look, it was about the whole embodiment, of embracing that character, in the movement, and becoming this regal, noble, beautiful heroine of our film. And Zoe, to train for the part, she worked with somebody from Circe du Soleil on movements, she took archery lessons on how to use a bow, she took riding lessons on how to use a horse, so we indoctrinated her in all the things she needed to do in the movie...”

After Sarah Connors in the first explosive “Terminator” movies and Ellen Ripley in warriored “Aliens”, we can bet that James Cameron will once again create, in Neytiri, an iconic female heroine that will be imprinted on moviegoers’ minds forever.

Avatar” will be released worldwide on December 16-18th, 2009. Check out the impressive new “Avatar” new trailer which just hit the Net a few hours ago.

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