jeudi 20 août 2009


In “Kirot”, James Bond heroine Olga Kurylenko (“Quantum of Solace” and Neil Marshall's upcoming "Centurion") is Galia, an assassin from Ukraine living in Tel Aviv, who’s involved against her will with the local sex-traffic mafia.

Away from her daughter who stayed in Ukraine, Galia wants to escape from her new employees after disobeying her latest contract. She will join forces with her neighbor Elinor (played by popular Israeli actress and pop rock singer Ninet Tayeb) a battered wife who shares with her an adjoining wall, and who wants to fight as well for her freedom.

Olga Kurylenko and Ninet Tayeb in Danny Lerner's "Kirot" (2009)

Procuded by veteran filmmaker Ehud Bleiberg, chairman of the L.A. based production and sales company Bleiberg Entertainment, “Kirot” (which means “Walls” in Hebrew), is the second feature film of Israeli director Danny Lerner after the acclaimed mystery drama “Frozen Days”. The movie will have its world premiere at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival (September 10-19 2009) as the opening film for the new City to City section, which shows this year 10 films from and about Tel Aviv.

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MAK NAME ? a dit…

olga has a childish face she looks so innocent i love my dear olga

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