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Action is proud to announce its first official partnership with Absurde Séance!

Premieres, unreleased films, rare jewels, curiosities, extreme flicks and improbable z-movies: all of this in a festive atmosphere for an audience who wants a taste of something different

The Nantes organization Absurde Séance has screened more than 350 movies in the last decade. To celebrate its 10-year Anniversary, Absurde Séance presents the 4-day Absurd Film Festival September 23rd-26th, 2009! Marc Caro (“Dante 101”), Titof (the pornstar!) and Olivier Bach (DVD distributor and producer of Greg Morin’s French zombie short “Paris by Night of the Living Dead”) will be attending!!

If you love Really Good Bad-Ass movies or movies So Bad They’re Good, The Absurd Festival guarantees a Really Good Time!!

Among the 14 movies to be shown, three are 70’s & 80’s classics: Don Coscarelli’s sword-and-sorcery fantasy “The Beastmaster” (1982) starring Marc Singer (“V”) and Tanya Roberts (“Sheena”); the 1979 Japanese space-travel sci-fi action film “G.I. Samurai” (granddaddy of the 2005 remake “Samurai Commando Mission 1549”) starring Sonny Shiba (“Streetfighter”); and the rare Italian nunsploitation flick directed by Gianfranco Mingozzi, “Flavia The Heretic” (1974).

Gianfranco Mingozzi's “Flavia The Heretic” (1974)

2008-09 movies will include the French premiere of Tom Shankland’s “The Children” - Possessed children turn against their parents on Christmas vacation! (French release: Oct. 21st, 2009).

Tom Shankland’s “The Children” (2008)

September 23, Opening day: The Absurd Festival will screen Chris Stapp’s “The Devil Dared Me To”, a film about a New Zealander trying to become the greatest living stuntman; and Martin Weisz’s “Grimm Love”, the story of a student obsessed with cannibalism.

Chris Stapp’s “The Devil Dared Me To” (2007) & Martin Weisz’s “Grimm Love” (2006)

These two films will be followed by Fantastic Night, a four-film all-night show starting at 10.30 pm!!

The Fantastic Night film line up:

John Harris’s claustrophobic monster horror film “The Descent 2” - see "The Descent 2" : Blood and (Monsters) Shit.

John Harris's “The Descent 2” (2009)

Paul Solet’s “Grace”: After a terrible accident, a woman decices to give birth to her supposedly dead baby!

Paul Solet’s “Grace” (2009)

Brett Leonard’s “Feed”, a 2005 thriller about a psycho who feeds fat women to death. Censorship was heavy on this movie in the U.S.; don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the uncut Australian version!!

Brett Leonard’s “Feed” (2005)

Jake West’s “Evil Aliens”, a UK sci-fi horror comedy à la “Bad Taste” and “Evil Dead”.

Jake West’s “Evil Aliens” (2005)

Also showing:

Released in August 2008, Jean-Marc Vincent’s “Lady Blood”, starring Emmanuelle Escourrou, is the surprising sequel to Alain Robak’s 1993 “Baby Blood” (a.k.a. “The Evil Within”). Released in France this August, Yukihiko Tsutsumi’s “20th Century Boys - Chapter 2”, adapted from Naoki Urasawa sci-fi mystery manga, is back! The movie takes place 15 years after Chapter One although both movies were made at the same time. The third part of this ambitious trilogy will be released in Japan at the end of 2009.

And finally, two great movies screened at the 15th L’Etrange Festival in Paris will premiere in Nantes at L’Absurde Festival: “Breathless” (Fantasia 2009 Best Picture and Best Actor). This brutal Korean drama marks the directorial debut of Yang Ik-June, who also happens to be screenwriter, producer, and star of the movie! Last but not least, the fantastic animation drama “Mary & Max” (featuring the voices of Toni Colette, Eric Bana and Philip Seymour Hoffman) is one of the most moving films ever made about friendship.

Yang Ik-June's “Breathless” (2009) and Adam Elliot's “Mary & Max” (2009)

FESTIVAL ABSURDE SÉANCE NANTES 2009 (Sept. 23th – 26th, 2009)
More information about the festival here: (French only).
Venue : Cinéma le Katorza, 3, rue Corneille, 44000 Nantes.

Youtube trailers: "The Beastmaster" (2:12) - "G.I. Samurai" (3:20) - "Breathless" (2:01) - "Mary & Max" (2:05) - "Lady Blood" (1:33) - "20th Century Boys Chapter 2" (2:13) - "Evil Aliens" (2:00) - "Feed" (1:19) - "Grace" (2:24) - "The Descent 2" (2:43) - "The Devil Dard Me To" (1:37) - "Grimm Love" (2:11) - "Flavia The Heretic" (1:32) - "The Children" (1:28)

Tom Shankland’s “The Children” (2008)

NB: Weekly Screenings at the Nouveau Latina in Paris start on September 19th, 2009. On the evening of the 19th at exactly midnight, director Tom Shankland will personally introduce his movie “The Children”!! (see L'Absurde Séance on MySpace)

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