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The 4th annual Festival du Cinéma Chinois de Paris (Paris Chinese Film Festival) will be held at the Gaumont Opéra theaters September 22nd through October 26th, 2009. More than 30 screenings will feature many new releases including Feng Xiao-gang’s “If You Are The One / La Perle Rare 非诚勿扰”; Gordon Chan’s “Painted Skin 画皮”; Cheng Kaige’s “Mei Lanfang梅蘭芳” and Ning Jingwu’s “Lala’s Gun 滚拉拉的枪” (closing movie – the director will be attending!). Classic films include the great animation movie “The Monkey King” and a 2005 documentary about the Shanghai Animation Film Studio co-directed by Chinese cinema expert Marie-Claire Quiquemelle (also attending!).

The Festival also includes a special tribute to the Queen of Chinese Cinema, Hu Die 胡蝶 a.k.a. Butterfly Wu (1908-1989), the famous “Girl in Red” from the lost 1928 film series “Burning of the Red Lotus Temple 火烧红莲寺”. This film was the first major Chinese martial arts movie and also the longest movie ever made, with a running time of 27 hours divided between 18 parts!

The film festival begins on September 22nd, and Opening Night, September 29th, features A Tribute To Butterfly Wu presented by Frédéric Mitterand (French Minister of Culture), Wang Taihua (Chinese Minister of Radio, Cinema and Television), Jérôme Seydoux (Co-President of Pathé Films), Jean-Jacques Annaud (Film Festival “Godfather”) and Deanna Gao (Film Festival Founder and President).

  • Butterfly Wu Tribute films: (click on title to read summary):

September 29th, 2009
8.00 pm “The Twin Sisters / Sœurs Jumelles 姊妹花” (1933)

October 1st, 2009
6.10 pm “A Marriage Through Tears and Laughter / Amours Prédestinés 啼笑姻缘” (1932)
8.00 pm “The Dreams of Spring / Rêves de Printemps 春之梦” (1946)

October 2nd, 2009
6.00 pm “The Divine / Le Fard et les Larmes 胭脂泪” a.k.a. “Rouge Tears” (1938)
8.10 pm “The March of Tenderness / Le Marché de la Tendresse 脂粉市场” (1933)

October 3rd , 2009
4.40 pm “Destins de Femmes / A Bible for Daughters 女儿经” a.k.a. “Bible for Girls” (1934)

This is the very first time these extremely rare prints will be shown outside of China, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Festival’s Website: French - English - Chinese
Other Link: Empress Butterfly: Hu Die (The Chinese Mirror)

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