dimanche 19 juillet 2009


Five years after the now famous Angel Locsin, the Filipina greatest comic book super heroine Darna, created in the late 40’s ’s by Mars Ravelo, will be played in a TV series remake named “Narda” (which is the name of the human alter-ego of Darna), by local actress and commercial model Marian Riviera. Facing her, the younger Iwa Moto will be Darna’s snakes-haired worst enemy Valentina.

Since the early 50’s, Darna was played for the big screen by Rosa Del Rosario (1951 & 1952), Liza Moreno (1963), Eva Montes (1965), Gina Pareno (1969), Vilma Santo (2 movies in 1973, 1 in 1975, 1 in 1980), Dolphy (1979), Rio Locsin (1979), Nanette Medved (1991), and Anjanette Abayari (1994)

The previous TV series, produced by GMA-7, the Philippines' n°1 television network, aired in the Phillipines between April 11th and November 25th, 2008, and did one of the biggest audience rating at that time. Also produced by GMA-7 and directed by Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez, the “Narda” series is slated to air from August 10th, 2009. Check out the following trailers and behind-the-scenes videos...

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