mardi 28 juillet 2009


Last week, Variety reported - two days before the San Diego Comic-Con - that “Watchmen” and “Hellboy” (1&2) producer Llyod Levin acquired the screen adaptation rights of Terry Moore’s comic book series, “Echo”. The story is about Julie Martin, a photographer who becomes nuclearly powerful after being spattered by some liquid metal, because of a failed military experiment.

Terry Moore also created the popular "non -superhero" series “Strangers in Paradise”, a self-published black-and-white comic book drawn and written by him, about the love triangle between two women and one man. The series ended in 2007 after 14 years (the complete story – 2200 pages! - might be still available in a very limited edition. Check it out HERE).

Very pleased about the “Echo” movie adaptation project, Terry Moore also said on his blog that he plans to make “Strangers in Paradide” a TV series of quality (like a HBO one).

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