lundi 20 juillet 2009


The first episode of "Spider-Woman" Motion Comic (a.k.a. “a hybrid of comic book and animation”) wrote by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Alex Meleev, will have its worldwide premiere at the San Diego Comic Con between July 23rd-26th, 2009.

One year after DC’s "Watchmen: Motion Comic", the rival team, Marvel, hope to attract the comic fans but also the non-comic readers with this brand new and original concept, that they're also using for a remake of the "Astonishing X-Men" series by writer/director Joss Whedon ("Buffy", "Serenity") and comic artist John Cassaday.

Each episodes of the “Spider-Woman” Motion Comic series will be available on iTunes, one or two weeks before the printed comic version. Check out the official trailer of this very anticipated piece of work.

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